Bitrancher is a prototype I started making after seeing the droves of dubious Bitcoin companies trying to "integrate crypto into your game!!" at GDC. I want it to feel good just pressing the button. I'll add more when I get the time. 

Currently, you just press the button to get more coins. Eventually, you'll be able to convert your coins to dollars and buy upgrades for your mining rig or buy bots to mine for you. There might be some kind of fluctuation in the  BTC -> USD value.  Could be cool.

Development log


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there need's to be more pleas update it, ok?

cool game so far

Thanks! I've stopped dev on it but I might upload the most current iteration of it at some point


Why can't I upgrade my processor in this game?

Hey, Comics, this is still a prototype and has some unfinished mechanics. Thanks for playing and commenting!