Patch Notes #1

Hey all! I'm going to try and post some patch notes whenever I upload a new build. Nothing too crazy for now. I'll mostly just be copy pasta-ing my commit messages (maybe with a little more flavor). Quick intro to Cyberift: Cyberift is fast-paced a top down shooter that pits six digital gladiators against each other in an arena. You farm mob camps and kill other players to collect XP. When you level up, you gain an ability. The player with the most kills at the end of the game, wins eternal victory and praise.

I think it's pretty cool. Let me know what you think here or @bleek1024. Anyway, here are the patch notes and some up to date screenshots:

Patch 1-8-17: 

Added player movement animations in all directions. 

Added more overlays to the arena to break up visual monotony.

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